Attract Wildlife to your garden pond

5 types of wildlife that a garden pond may attract

There are several reasons why someone may decide to have a pond in their garden. They may like the way it looks; they may like the idea of having a water feature in their outside space or trying and bringing in some of the local wildlife. 

Having a wooden pond in your garden is a definite way to ensure that you get some animal kingdom visitors. But what type of animals is that? Let’s take a look at the 5 types of wildlife that you may see your pond attracting. 


One creature that is definitely going to appreciate your pond addition are frogs. Frogs need ponds to breed in, and their tadpoles then live in the water, feeding off the algae. Ponds in gardens are often sheltered and can help a frog be protected from predators and give them some shade to protect themselves and their offspring. 


Birds will come into a garden for many reasons. But having a pond will definitely help matters. Birds of all types will land in your garden to drink from the pond or use it as a bathe. This is especially true during the winter months as by keeping their feathers damp, they will find it much easier to preen them. Preened feathers spread out the oils that keep birds weatherproof, which helps stop them from getting too cold. 


Much like frogs, dragonflies rely on the water in a pond to breed. To make your pond ideal for dragonflies, it needs to be in the sun whilst remaining sheltered, and you should have plenty of submerged plants that will help their larvae hide and eat as they develop in the water.

Water bugs

If you sit and study your pond on a warm day, then you are likely to see a wide variety of tiny bugs making it their home. Water snails and pond skaters are the most common. These can be spotted any when between April and October. You may also catch a glimpse of a water boatman who will live at the bottom of the pond, feeding off all the plant debris collected here. 


It is hard to find a garden creature that is cuter than a newt, which means that you are definitely going to want to encourage some of these into your garden. Newts will want to lay their eggs on pond plants. Some of the best plants you can have in your pond to encourage the newts to call it their home include brooklime, reeds, and watercress. 

Love the idea of having some of these local animals in your own garden? Well, why not invest in a wooden pond to help to bring them in? Not only will it give you something to watch as you settle down to relax. But, by giving them a safe space, you are also helping all those native creatures too.

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