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What soil do I use?

To plant herbs into a pot or raised bed, the best compost to use a sterile proprietary potting compost (John Innes No 3. is popular.) If you’re putting the herbs straight into the ground the soil must be well drained.

What to look for when choosing a raised bed?

We recommend that you should look for a raised bed that is made from a high quality material. A great example is timber as it’s very versatile and strong.  

All of our raised beds are treated which means they won’t rot. They’re also guaranteed for either five years or ten years, depending on what wood you choose. They come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, so you’re bound to find one to suit your garden.

Our beds are also easy to set up. They take around 10 minutes to fix together using self drilling/counter sinking screws.

Where do I place my herb garden?

It’s important to find a sunny spot in your garden that is also sheltered from the wind. As mentioned above, if you’re planning on planting the herbs into the ground the soil must be well drained. Otherwise a raised bed is perfect for improving drainage, increasing soil temperature and giving you easier access to your herbs.

How do I maintain the herb garden?

Ensure your herbs get a regular supply of water. If it hasn’t rained, you should water lightly once a day throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Whilst your herbs are growing you should feed your herbs with a balanced fertiliser. Although overfeeding can cause the herbs to lose their flavour, so don’t be too generous!

When should I get planting?

Spring is the perfect time to plant many different herbs. It is recommended to plant herbs at 3-4 weekly intervals so you get a continuous supply of leaves.

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What herbs should I plant?

Here are our recommendations for herbs to plant in March, April and May:

  • Mint - perfect for those jugs of Pimms in the sun

  • Parsley - great mixed into buttery potatoes

  • Fennel - tasty in both soups and salads

  • Sage - try rubbing sage and seasoning onto pork for a tasty roast dinner

  • Chives - for a light oniony taste

  • Dill - lovely with fish

  • Coriander - a great addition to many dishes

  • Basil - the base for a homemade pesto sauce

  • Thyme - an aromatic flavour perfect for veggie, lamb or pork dishes

What else can I grow in raised beds?

A real range:

  • Vegetables such as potatoes, broad beans, lettuces and peas

  • Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries

  • Herbaceous perennials

  • Small trees and shrubs

Garden Paradise have a variety of products to suit your space, from square planters to put into your veg patch to raised octagonal beds for a herb garden on your patio. See the full range!