Here at Garden Paradise we know that sandpits are a great toy for children to enjoy. Not only in their homes, but also as a part of their school. Sandpits are great for a variety of reasons, they encourage co-operative play, they are an outdoor toy and of course, they are sensory too. Not only this but sandpits are also fun. Which is the best part of all.

Unfortunately, for schools, budgets can be tight, which means that it can be difficult for them to raise the funds to invest in things such as sand pits. This is why, here at Garden Paradise, we developed the Sand Pits for Schools campaign. Recognising that sometimes schools simply need a helping hand to raise funds, we have put together a scheme that helps these schools and the children that go there.

Our Sand Pits for Schools campaign

Buying a sand pit for your home is a great investment. It gives your child a reason to head outside to play and will give them hours of fun, whilst you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee watching them play. Sandpits are also incredibly easy to look after and maintain, particularly if you buy British made, high quality sandpits that are designed to last. We also stock the covers that keep your sandpit looking clean, neat and tidy for as long as possible.

Here at Garden Paradise, we have decided to make our sandpits an even more tempting choice for parents to buy. All thanks to our Sand Pits for Schools campaign. Schools across the UK can sign up for this campaign by visiting Once signed up the school will receive a cash back code, which is worth 5% of any sandpit purchase that is made with the code.

The school then shares this code with the parents of the school, using the school communication tools and social media. Advising the parents that if they buy any wooden product from our website, then the school will receive a 5% donation of the cost towards buying their own sandpit or as a cashback for their own funds.

To further promote this, schools can also order tailor made brochures, which will then be sent out to them, ready for them to put in the children's book bags, for the parents to read.

A recent donation

As well as our campaign to help more schools to secure sandpits for their children, we also have donated one of our wooden sandpits to Pebsham Primary Academy. The children were incredibly excited to see their latest toy, and we were so happy to see them jumping straight in and playing with the sand.  After all, this is the main reason that we design and manufacture our wooden sand pits in the first place.

Want to know more about our campaign, or perhaps want to know more about buying one of our wooden products for your garden? Why not check out our website and learn more about our British made, high quality, wooden ponds, raised planters and sandpits. We have square, rectangle and octagonal shapes to fit into your garden space