Sensory Gardens are highly beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders, autism and other disabilities. The Sensory Trust states that it is vital that your sensory garden is designed well to be fully accessible. Those in wheelchairs should be accommodated by using raised beds for example. Paved pathways are important to ensure you have a practical and suitable space.

If you are short on space, time, carpentry and landscaping skills, you can find great solutions for quickly installing above ground planters, ponds and sandpits to create a sensory garden. Ideal for children and adults and, importantly, can be used on a variety of surfaces, so you don’t need to undertake large garden remodelling projects.


If you are excited to get started on your sensory garden for this Spring, talk to us! We manufacture British made and seriously strong wooden raised beds, ponds and sandpits.

You can add more interest to your garden by choosing from products that are square, rectangular and octagonal in our standard range, or create a custom shape to suit your requirements.  

The pressure treated timber is guaranteed on grass, soil and concrete, above ground or inground. You can choose between a 27mm or 44mm wall thickness across the range. Everything is built to last and safe too - the timber treatment is ACQ and play park friendly.

All our range is quick and easy to put together. An 8ft octagonal raised bed could be set up in approximately 30 minutes with the Garden Paradise smart system. The tongue and groove wood is precut with slots to swiftly assemble the walls.  (They provide fully illustrated guides to set up ponds, planters and sandpits!)

The Garden Paradise ponds are always a talking point. The Wooden Pond Kit includes a Garden Paradise pond liner and Sidemount Linerlock to attach the pond liner to the wall.

There is a 5 year warranty on all 27mm thick products and 10 years on 44mm products.


  • - Stimulate and develop the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell

  • - Create a calming, fun and safe environment for people of all ages

  • - Allow children to engage with the environment

  • - Encourage exploration and discovery skills

  • - Promote creativity and heighten focus and concentration




Planting colourful flowers and plants creates a visually appealing environment. Vibrant, non toxic flowers include Pot Marigolds, Snapdragons, Evening Primroses and Hibiscus. And remember - colourful, nectar rich plants attract colourful birds and butterflies!


Choose strong smelling flowers and herbs to stimulate the senses and create calming aromas.  Pungent herbs include Chives, Rosemary and Sage. For plants, try Lavender, Geraniums and Roses (all non toxic and child friendly!)


Consider planting soft and velvety flowers such as Lamb’s Ear (Stachys) and grasses that can be brushed through. Why not feature a sandpit too? Sand is a wonderful texture and allows children to explore their sense of touch and encourages imaginative play. And of course there’s water play too!


Incorporate the taste element into your garden! You can plant edible herbs, fruit trees, vegetables and fruit.


Sound is crucial to creating a relaxing environment. Grasses are a great addition to a Sensory Garden as they rustle in the wind. To enhance sound even more, you could include wind chimes, water features or fountains.


Good luck with your sensory garden project. Why not contact the Garden Paradise customer service support team with any questions or browse the range