Fantastic Picture of Pond Wildlife

Creating A Wildlife Pond

Some people love having their garden as their own space to relax in and enjoy. However, whilst you want to keep your garden as private as possible, that doesn’t mean that you can’t welcome some neighbourhood friends to your space.

There are several different ways to encourage wildlife into your garden; however, one of the most attractive ways has to be with a wildlife pond. There are many ways that you can try to create yourself a wildlife pond, so why not check out our helpful guide to the process?

Choose your type of pond

One of the first things that you need to do is research into which pond type will be the best for you. There are more types than you may realise, wooden ponds, plastic ponds, and even pond liners you place into the ground.

All of these can make a wonderful pond and an enticing home to wildlife.

Pick your spot

You will see the most wildlife use your pond if it is in a warm and sunny spot. This is particularly true for tadpoles and dragonflies. Not only this, but the plants that are going to attract those animals need the light too.

To show where you would like your pond, you need to mark space with a rope or a pipe; then, you can work out whether it is the right spot.

Fill it up

Once you have your pond in place or dug into the ground, if that is your chosen option, you need to make sure that it is filled with water. Ponds, even the smaller ones, can hold a lot of water, so this stage can take longer than you think. You can use a hose to fill up your pond, but if you can, it might be a better idea to collect rainwater over a while as this stops you from using water from your tank. It is also likely to be better for the plants and any animals that take up residence.

Add plants

Once your pond has been established for about 2 weeks, you can start thinking about adding plants. This step actually takes some research and time as the better the plants you choose, the more animals you will attract and the better ecosystem it will create. If possible, try to choose more local plants, as this will be more in keeping with what all the creatures are used to.

The last thing for you to do is sit back and look forward to all your new visitors. If nothing else, having a wildlife pond in your garden is a sure-fire way to add some interest into your outdoor space and give you somewhere to relax and unwind by when you want to escape the everyday world.

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