Grow Your Own Salad Selection

Being able to enjoy delicious salad is one thing, but another thing altogether is growing that salad yourself. 

With this in mind, it is easy to see why more and more people choose to grow their own salads and vegetables at home. Rather than having to head to the shop every time they need some leaves or tomato, they only need to walk as far as their raised garden bed to find precisely what they are looking for. 

Not only this, but you can’t get any fresher than the food taken straight from your garden, meaning that it is going to be full of all the right stuff and taste amazing too. 

But where do you start when it comes to growing your own? Let’s take a look through our guide on how to grow your own salad selection. 

Fantastic Looking Image of Tomatoes

What do I need?

The good news is that you don’t need much to start your own salad garden. Especially if you already have the raised garden beds to grow them in. Along with this space or a pot, if you are keeping things small, you will also need seeds, a watering can and some multi-purpose compost too. 

When to plant?

The good news is that you can sow your salad leaves at any time through the spring and summer months as they can keep growing both in the cooler and warmer weathers. If you want to have plenty of choice and plenty of supplies, then it is a good idea to have several plants on the go at once, all at different stages of the process. 

Where do I start?

You need to fill your pot or flower bed with plenty of compost, leaving about 1 inch from the top of your container. Once you have enough in there, you need to ensure that you level off the compost ready for planting. You can do this with your hand. 

Once you have firmed up the top, you need to draw lines about 1 inch deep with your finger into the compost. This gives you space to sow the seeds, spreading them out as much as you can. 

You will need to keep an eye on your salad garden once it has been planted, as not only are the leaves tasty for you. They are delicious to slugs and snails too. 

Harvest time

Once your leaves are about 1 inch tall, they are ready to be harvested. You need to make sure that you cut them carefully with scissors, as this will ensure the smaller seedlings below (the next to be gathered hopefully) are not going to be damaged. 

That is all you need to know. Having your own salad leaves is not only going to save you money, but it will also encourage you to eat more healthy foods as well as trying new things that you might not have thought of to push before you grew them yourself.

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