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"Its not very often you get the high quality and service from a company these days that you get from Garden Paradise.

From the advice and sales people on the phone and by email to the people that produce the high quality products to the delivery. I needed to get some extra wood for my project and took some of the pond supplied as an example to FOUR different wood yards. Everyone of them said that it was very high quality wood and that they don't stock it but could order it in but it would cost a fortune. This just proves the quality of the pond ! The pond went together easily and quickly and even if you can't knock a nail in straight you would still be able to build this without a problem.  The liner interlock is superb and the shaped liner fits like a glove. I'm always weary about liners as if they are not put in properly they look as mess with all the creases....no worries here mine has no creases at all and is tight as a drum skin. I can't thank the company enough you've made me a very happy new pond keeper".

Great customer feedback. Thank you Mr Mckay.

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