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I am so glad I chose this product, I couldn't decide about pre-formed or liner; what was putting me off the liner idea was all the folds that you have to deal with and they are never smooth. This pond is a fantastic idea a complete made to measure liner, the wood was thick and solid and slotted together really easy.
We then slotted in the liner which we put in the sun for half hour to make it even more pliable, this was the part I was concerned about but it was so easy. When we started to fill the pond we just made sure all four corners were still in place and just left the hose to run, easy, all that was left was to add the top boards and it was done. As you can see I think it looks great; everyone comments on how solid it is, I have already recommended this product to a friend who is moving soon and setting up a new pond but they are going for the large hexagonal one. All in all very pleased.

Great feedback thank you Mr Murch

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