Kids enjoying playing in a sandpit

Sandpits and the Importance of Outdoor Play


If you’re going to let your kids play, then it should definitely be outside. Outdoor play is one of the most important things to a child from a developmental perspective - they need to be able to enjoy themselves, get fresh air, and learn some key social skills. A wooden sandpit can be a good way to encourage all of these, and they fit right into any normal garden environment.


A World of Adventure in the Garden

The garden really is a world of adventure for any young person. They can run around, explore nature, hang out with siblings and friends, and take their very first steps to becoming functional young people.

But, as parents and guardians, we have to nourish that creativity and childish joy in the world. Our kids have to be able to go outside to play, and see what the world has to offer. It can be such a great part of any experience, but they need to make sure that they take the time to experiment with all that’s on offer. This can be a massive challenge, especially if there isn’t suitably sufficient stimuli available to interact with.


The Wooden Sandpit

The sandpit, especially a wooden sandpit, is probably one of those things that we all played with as young kids. It’s a stable of the back garden, and it is easy to see why. It’s simple, fits right into the garden, and has limitless potential for making things.

From a development perspective, a sandpit can be a great tool for little ones. They have so many different skills that they can learn. Let’s summarise a couple of them together:

  • Imagination skills. A sandpit gives a child the freedom to make whatever they want. They have absolute creative freedom. They might build sandcastles, animals, shapes - it gives children a blank slate for creativity, which is always welcomed.
  • Problem solving skills. Sand can be frail and collapse easily if you’re not careful. How will your child deal with that issue? Will they use more sand? Build a different structure? It encourages problem solving, and gives kids a chance to approach play from a different angle.
  • Social skills. It’s pretty common for kids to play together in a sandpit. This type of environment is good from a social perspective. Kids will have to learn to share toys and tools, to ask permission to use something, and that knocking down other children’s creations isn’t very nice. It helps to develop social skills.

Final Thoughts

A sandpit can be such a good tool for outdoor play. Getting your kids to go play outside is vital for making sure that they exercise right, have time in fresh air, and learn how to enjoy themselves. It’s difficult sometimes to make sure that your kids are well-rounded and get time to play and grow, but a sandpit can be a useful tool which is right there. They learn so many skills, which makes them great resources.

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