Watering all of your fantastic produce

Even though it’s not very common to see plants wilting or dying from the summer heat, it always pays to take the appropriate steps to ensure that their health is preserved as best as possible – before it’s too late.

Here are our top tips for watering your beauties during the UK summer months:

Tip #1

Before anything else, the first thing to consider when helping your garden survive the hot summer season is to provide ample moisture – which also means being careful not to smother your plants with too much water.

Tip #2

In the peak summer season, probably the best way to efficiently water your plants is through drip irrigation. Go to your nearest garden centre and you should be able to find a drip irrigation kit along with any additional parts if need be.

Using a drip irrigation system allows you to water as frequently as required while using the least amount of water necessary.

Tip #3

Be mindful so as to not water your plants’ leaves, in order to minimise the risk of disease. If you’re using a sprinkler, always put it on a timer during the early morning or dusk hours, allowing the plants to dry off quickly.

Wet leaves can quickly become diseased leaves. Particularly problematic are leaves which are left damp or wet in the sun because they develop mild burn marks which only get worse with time. You also need to be careful so as to not keep your leaves wet overnight because this could result in leaf-mould diseases.

Tip #4

It’s always a good idea to allow water to gradually penetrate the soil because it takes its time seeping into the soil. So water repeatedly, but slowly and in smaller streams.

Tip #5

Watering your plants in the morning is probably the best time. This gives the water enough time to move down to the soil and roots, keeping those plants nicely hydrated before the hottest time of day sets in. However, watering your plants in the evening when the soil is cool means that less water will evaporate, allowing the plants to adequately supply themselves prior to the next day’s heat.

Tip #6

It’s important to maintain those soil moisture levels. Majority of plants depend on moisture that is spread out evenly. However, by allowing mild drying out before any watering encourages plant root growth.

Tip #7

Take special care to water evenly around your plants so that the root system develops properly. We certainly don’t want one-sided root growth and poor nutrient absorption; water around the plant and distribute it evenly around the entire irrigation proximity.

Tip #8

Waterlogging can prove disastrous as it prevents roots from growing and absorbing nutrients as well as getting the right level of oxygen – roots cells can easily drown without oxygen. So avoid waterlogging at all costs because soil that is saturated for too long will have poor oxygen levels.

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