Urban Gardening in a Raised Bed

Whether you have a large garden in your home or have a flat with only a patio, you can carry out successful gardening using wooden raised garden beds. You can place these beds anywhere, provided the space is exposed to sunlight for six to eight hours a day. And, of course, if the raised bed is meant for a shady area, you should select your plants accordingly.

You can put a raised bed anywhere, including a balcony, rooftop garden, patio, or drive way. Wherever you decide to place the raised bed, you can choose from the different dimensions of wooden beds.

So why are Raised Garden Beds suitable for urban gardening?

Here are top four reasons:

Good aeration

Roots can only absorb essential elements if there’s good aeration in the soil. Soil on wooden gardens provides plants with a loose structure and rich growing media, which enables air to circulate well around the roots. Similar to other plant parts, roots need to breathe and they achieve this by taking in oxygen from the air and expelling carbon dioxide. The air pockets in the soil enclosed on these raised beds make this possible.

Good drainage

Wooden raised garden beds provide excellent drainage even during heavy rains. The soil has a loose texture that enables water to seep through the bed. This prevents the quick runoff that might erode off the fertile topsoil. Additionally, it allows drainage of excess water.

If you stay in an area with less rainfall, you will need to water the plants growing in these raised beds. When you do this, the beds quickly absorb water in their lower layers. This keeps the soil moist, but doesn’t allow water to stagnate. Stagnation might interfere with the roots’ breathing, and constant moisture encourages bacterial and fungal diseases.

Better weed control

With raised beds, you will have few weed problems, and this will reduce the weeding time too. When making the wooden raised beds, you can choose to fill up the frames with compost as well as soil free of weeds. With the loose soil and good access to the beds, you can easily pull up those few weeds that may sprout. Also, it’s recommended that you place plants very close together. That way, when they finally grow up to occupy the bed, they will suffocate the weeds.

Better pest control

Most creepy pests gain access into vegetable gardens by moving on the ground. The solid frames surrounding the bed may deter a few of them. If you find nematodes and similar soil parasites troublesome, you can protect them using a plastic liner on the sides and at the bottom of the raised garden bed. To banish annoying rodents away from your wooden raised garden beds, place a wire netting right at the base.

Whether you want to use natural pesticides or handpick the offenders, you can easily do it in raised garden beds because you have more physical and visual access to the plants. The ability to walk between your beds and inspect your plants often, makes it easy for you to spot infestations early and tackle the pest problem accordingly.

Whether you want your raised beds to be above the ground, partially or fully submerged, Garden Paradise has ready-made Wooden Raised Garden Beds for you. Use these raised beds to grow your crops and flowers anywhere.