Some fantastic looking Strawberries

June in the UK is an abundant month for harvesting a broad range of vegetables and fruits. Here are some of the most common crops you can harvest in this month as the weather continues to get warmer:


The year’s very first peas, sugar snap peas to be specific, are ready to harvest. Make haste because the first pickings yield the tastiest and sweetest crop. Since sugar can quickly turn into starch, don’t wait too long before eating them.

New Potatoes

These are just about ready to be dug up in mid-June including the ‘first early’ as well as the ‘second early’ cultivars. Keep in mind though that the first spuds are noticeably smaller than near-future harvests, so it pays to leave a few in the ground before you dig them up.


Who can resist bright red berries this month? June is a ripe month for picking those lovely strawberries even though you can now harvest strawberries pretty much all summer. Pick and eat them fresh off the plant or enjoy with a little cream.


Even though July is considered the best month for harvesting cherries, if June is reasonably warm where you’re living, then a few varieties can be picked this month.


June is probably the best month to harvest overwintered Japanese onions from sets that were planted outdoors last year in autumn.

Broad Beans

Broad beans that have been sown in autumn or early spring can be harvested by June. Always be careful to pick those delicate pods at the base first, using a gentle plucking movement so that the plant stem stays intact.


Under-ripe gooseberries can be harvested by June, which happens to be the perfect time for making sauces, jams and tarts. However, you should pick roughly half the fruits on your gooseberry plant, leaving the other half to ripen some more so that you can pick them in July as well.

Salad Leaves

The following are typically the best salads to pick this month: five different types of lettuce, parsley, celery, fresh dill leaves, radish, baby carrots, cucumber and rocket – plant them all within close proximity but just far enough to grow properly. When you’re ready to harvest, add some chives, fresh snow peas, mint and asparagus from your outside garden and you can have a superb salad chock full of flavour.

Spinach Leaves

Harvest these regularly and pay special attention to watering the plants adequately because we don’t want them boiling as temperatures continue to rise.

Spinach Beat

Like regular spinach, spinach beat can be easily harvested throughout the summer season, not just June, as long as they are watered regularly. Young leaves can be eaten raw in a salad while larger ones can be cooked and mixed with your favourite foods.


The key to harvesting asparagus properly is to cut them regularly – right before the spears get too thick and woody. Even though harvesting stops in the third week of June, you can continue a bit longer if the spears are still tasty and tender.

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