Image of Koi

There is something mesmerising and enjoyable about having a pond in the garden. The sound of water, the wildlife that visits it and the fish that you have in it can turn your garden into a place where you love to spend time. If you have always wanted a pond but have found that digging out space for a below-ground is too costly and time consuming, then a wooden above ground koi pond is the next best thing.

They make a great feature

 Every garden should have a feature and while some go for a stunning flower bed with an array of colours and fragrances, a wooden, above ground koi pond is the ultimate garden feature. They instantly look good and you can turn it into an area of the garden that makes people want to explore. You could even paint the wood to fit in with any other colour schemes you have in your garden, enabling you to tie everything together in the easiest possible way.

Ease of maintenance

A below-ground pond can prove to be very difficult to maintain, whether that is having to change the water, clean it out or even remove debris. All of this means a lot of stretching, bending and leaning. In contrast to this, an above ground koi pond is simple to maintain because once it is constructed, all you need to do is walk around it and maintain it in any way needed with very little effort. It is a great option for those who perhaps would find a below-ground pond hard to maintain.

Easier construction

A below ground pond takes a lot of effort because there is a huge amount of digging that has to be done in preparation. Along with this, you could hit a wide range of unknown obstacles that you are unaware of when digging. You will also need to remove the soil and any other debris which can take time and effort. An above ground pond is easy to construct because you can choose the location for it and then all you need to do is make sure that it is assembled in the correct way. Construction can take a matter of hours, unlike a below-ground pond which can take days or even weeks.

Cheaper cost

There are significant costs associated with a traditional pond in the fact that it costs to hire a skip to remove the equipment you have dug out, it also costs for you chosen pond and to install it. You might even have to pay someone to do this for you because of the manpower required but however you look at it, a wooden above-ground pond is a lot cheaper to purchase, construct and install.


There is no denying that ponds are dangerous, especially where children are concerned. It takes a split second for an accident to happen and when you consider that a below-ground pond is a risk to children, they are not worth installing. A raised wooden pond in many instances will be too high for small children to peer over without being supervised by an adult but they simply cannot fall into them in the same way that they can traditional ponds and that is a very important positive.